What next after Deep Learning Bootcamp?

As published on slack on 22nd Sept

Hello @everyone

Hope you are doing well and congrats to each one of us for successfully completing the Bootcamp. Whether the outcome is +ve or -ve, it shouldn’t bother us much as long we have learned something and have the intent to learn and grow as we move forward. It is just a matter of time and we should be there. For those who did well, remember, this is just the beginning and there is a long way to go in terms of learning and staying abreast with the latest best practices in the field. So do keep in touch by solving practical problems in the real-world or through the Datathons etc. With that let me share a couple of updates:

  • Notebooks review: We are currently reviewing the notebooks. It should be done in the next couple of days.
  • Certificates: All the learners who meet the eligibility criteria will receive a certificate (it could be either an excellence certificate or accomplishment certificate based on the performance). You can read more about the criteria here. We are anticipating to give away the certificates positively by this weekend.
  • Best Project Awards: We are also segregating the best notebook submissions and they will be awarded Best Project Submission Award and all those notebooks will be made public for everyone to learn.

What’s next?

  • Don’t stop learning here, the bootcamp is supposed to give you head ups to explore and venture more into the field. Your real learning begins now by applying and keeping up.
  • Do participate in the Datathons and other live sessions by experts (we will keep you posted).
  • If you have an interesting learning journey to share, do share it here #your_learning_journey - the community love hearing stories and learning from each other’s learning experiences.

I believe, I covered most pressing questions, if there are any further questions, please comment, will address it. Also, we will be coming up with more interesting initiatives that would create a much bigger impact. We hope your continued support and love will stay intact with us on this journey. Keep sharing knowledge and give back to the community.

Happy learning

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