What is next after machine learning bootcamp for begineer?

I’m currently enrolled in a machine learning boot camp for beginners that is offered for free. I’m wondering what’s the next step if my learning destination is to master and innovate using Artificial intelligence? which course should I take next up to my final destination? If it is okay, feel free to recommend me resources from outside hehe.

I have a suggestion for myself regarding my learning path, which is: 1. learn supervised machine learning from the machine learning bootcamp for begineer. 2 learn unsupervised machine learning. 3. Learn deep learning 4. learn reinforcement learning. is that a good idea?

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I’m also a beginner. Not a complete one though. I think your learning path is okay. Just find time to practice and apply what you learn and most importantly, pace yourself right. I mean you don’t have to rush your learning.

Best of luck!