Visualising fractions of categorical data along with means of corresponding numerical data

Hi everyone,
I’m working on data having two columns (one categorical (type), one numerical(amount)). If I want to make a plot showing the fraction of each category and the mean value of numerical variable corresponding to each category, how can I do it?

Which plot to be used?
I thought of a pie chart. But I’m not sure how I can include mean of amount column corresponding to each category .

Hi @ritesh_vesalapu
df[categorical_col].value_couts() / len(df) - will help you get fractions of categorical columns

df.groupby(categorical_col).mean() - will help you get mean amount for each category.

You can use a bar plot to visualize both together.

Hi @ritesh_vesalapu

You can draw boxplot per each category to gain even more insights.

Refer to the documentation here, the chart I am talking about is the second one.