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Hello Everyone! :slight_smile:

How to create a team?

  1. Go to ‘Team’ section.
  2. In Build Team sub-section, enter your enrollment number as team name.
  3. Click on Register

Hi Manish, this is individual project. You are not supposed to invite others. Please read rules on discord

Hi, where is a data, and what is to submit, lot of question in mind, where to ask

Hi @rupeshjj
Please go through the data section. You will understand where is data, how to download it, how to read in your jupyter notebook, what needs to be submitted on the platform and how to submit it.

HI Manish ,
The description of data indicates following optional metrics can be engineered
“ROI - Revenue/Cost (higher the better - used to evaluate the effectiveness of the advertising budget spent”
Can you please clarify , as revenue is not present in test data , how will creating a new feature with revenue will help in model prediction ? As per my understanding the code should throw error if there is mismatch between train and test data …

Yes @subbu0319 , you are right. You cannot create ROI feature in the test data but it can be done in train data. You will get error if you use this feature for training the model but don’t provide in testing the model.

You are the one who has to take the final decision. All the scenarios you have already mentioned.
See if the you can use it for analysis purpose instead of model building purpose.