Solve Datathon 2: Advanced: Heart Disease Prediction Challenge | DPhi

Heart disease describes a range of conditions that affect your heart. With growing stress, the number of cases of heart diseases are increasing rapidly.

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My Expected value in the explainable AI notebook does not match any of the options in the quiz. I followed the same procedure mentioned in the notebook .

Hi @mihird94
Can you please share the answers you’re getting for the different questions with me in Slack? I’ll verify if you’re getting answers in a similar range as the correct answer. It might be possible that different devices/ library versions are producing different results.

Hi @gunnika, I am getting the expected value of -0.16436639103637785. Is it correct for me to choose the closest and smallest positive value among the answers available?

Hello. Where may I submit the notebook for this datathon? Thanks. @gunnika @chanukya

In the notebook section of problem page.

@manish_kc_06 I see the button to submit a notebook for Datathon 1 but cannot find it for Datathon 2.

It’s enabled now @stefbp