Solve Datathon 1: Advanced: Travel Insurance Claim Prediction Challenge | DPhi

Travel insurance is a type of insurance that covers the costs and losses associated with traveling. It is useful protection for those traveling domestically or abroad.

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What is the limit on the no of submissions?

There is no limit on the number of submissions.

Hi pls I have been having either Evaluation error or Internal error. pls how do i correct this

I have got my csv file with the predictions, the header name as ‘prediction’ but still facing an Evaluation Error!!!
What should be done?

Hi @somesh and @olamilekan. There is a plus button towards the left side on your submission under my submissions tab. If you click on it, there would be an explanation of why you encountered the error. Hope this helps.

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@somesh @olamilekan

there could be a couple of issues:

  • header name should be “prediction”
  • there should not be any index column in your prediction file
  • you might have exceeded the number of observations than expected

Hi Chanukya,

I am getting the following error

“Prediction file has fewer number of records than expected. Ensure the no. of records in your prediction file match the no. of records in the test dataset.”

but my prediction file has exactly 15555 entries. The same as the test data. The file is a single column with a “prediction” header, identical in shape to the one in your github account.

What might be the problem?


Is it okay if we submit the first assignment by 17 DEC 23:00 IST as shown on the Datathon page because this contradicts the deadline shown on the assignment schedule in modules track??

Hi @chanukya,

I am getting evaluation error on submitting the csv file- Evaluation Error:

Prediction file is expected to have its header as [‘prediction’], currently it is [’\ufeffprediction’]. Rename it and submit again!

Checked everything .Not sure what is the error.

Please assist.


Why score is 0 for me?

can anybody help?

Even i am getting the same score i.e. 0.
Can someone guide?

@juhipandey can you please rename your prediction column name from “ufeffprediction” to “prediction”? - i think should fix the issue.

@yash12 @aggriya - zero implies your F1 score is zero. Maybe none of the predictions were matching. We must accept this is not an usual problem, it has class imbalance and we must treat in order to get some fairly decent score.

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Hi @waiseheil
Please check the test data again. Total number of records in it is not 15555. It’s more than 15555.

Should we do preprocessing steps on test data also?

Should the preprocessing steps such as one hot encoding and removal of irrelevant columns be done on test data??

Yes @lucifer_067
The pre-processing steps like one-hot encoding and removal of irrelevant columns should be done on test data. But do not remove any rows from the test data. You need to submit the same number predicted values as many numbers of records are present in the test data, else you will get an error while making submissions

why am i seeing evaluation error after i made my submission?
please is it the way you guys saw yours/

please i have followed all the steps in saving submission file and am still getting evaluation error. i think is from the index the sample format does not have index, while mine has and am trying to remove it by setting index=False, but it didnt work. i really need help.