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Greetings everyone!
This is to remind you that the event is going to start at 7 pm.
DPhi discussion forum and WhatsApp groups would be open for discussion for the complete duration of the event. You can reach out to us anytime you want to.

I am Chirayu Garg, part of the organizing team for the event. You can post any of your queries here and someone from our team will cater to it.
Best of luck to all participants.

Divyam this side, feel free to reach out regarding any query, either here or on the WhatsApp group and we will sort it asap

Hello everyone, I am Saksham checker, I’ll be available here as well as on the Whatsapp groups to clear all your queries. All the best.

Hello Everyone!

I am Manish from DPhi Team. Kindly note below information to avoid Evaluation Error or Internal Error while making submission

  • header name of the submission file should be prediction
  • there should not be any index column in your prediction file. There should be only one column i.e. the predicted column
  • total number of rows in your submission file should be same as the number of records in the test dataset
  • The predicted values should be of float data type for this challenge

What are the prizes for this datathon? Are they cash prizes?


First Position- ₹10,000/-

Second Position- Low level design course by GeeksForGeeks

Third Position- Amazon SDE test series by GeeksForGeeks

Winners will also get special access to bootcamp content and real world datasets on DPhi.

All participating teams will be getting certificates of participations from RoundTable and discount coupons of ₹300/- from GeeksForGeeks , so no one is going out empty handed!

when will we get participation certificates??