Should I Choose Beginners Track or Intermediate Track? What is the difference between them?

The main difference between the two tracks is prior knowledge in Deep Learning
If you look at the detailed syllabus provided, the beginners and intermediate track have almost the same content apart from the addition of 2 topics - digital image processing and CNNs.

Other than the difference in the syllabus, the level of difficulty of assignments in the intermediate track will be more than that of beginners.

If you have worked in Machine Learning and don’t have knowledge about Deep Learning, I would recommend going for the Beginners track. Not to worry about not learning the 2 extra concepts now, we’ll be hosting the 2nd part of this bootcamp where we’ll cover those in detail. It’s about grasping the basic concepts before diving into the advanced ones.

Otherwise, if you have some basic knowledge of DL and feel you’ll be able to cope up with the level of assignments in Intermediate track, you can go for it.

  • You can change your track if you want in your dashboard.

  • Note: Learning track change won’t be possible after 18th August


I have a request for you. After going through this I realized that I fit for ‘Beginners Track’. And I have seen this post just now. Unfortunately the deadline was over. But if there is any chance could you please change my track to ‘Beginners’? Sorry to burden you.

please tell me man with no background of any type of coding can learn from this deep learning Bootcamp ??

Hi @faizanchanna123
Yes, you can if you are motivated to learn from it. You just need to go through the prerequisites that we have provided here:

You will need to work a little hard and if you are stuck anywhere we are here to help you and every tech’s best friend stack overflow is there. You will need to start first :slight_smile:

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Hi @johnyijaq
Sorry to tell you but the deadline for changing the track is over. But don’t worry the coaches will be there to help you if you get stuck anywhere.

i really appreciate that thank you so much :slight_smile:

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You and I are in the same boat. Let’s keep in touch.

Sure! actually i am having problem with Preprocessing and EDA

Hi @faizanchanna123, maybe you can start a new topic to discuss your problem. I am more than happy to help you (just tag me or send me a private message). You can also check out this post by @manish_kc_06 (EDA - Titanic dataset), it might help.