Schedule for ML Bootcamp Live Sessions

Session Date Speaker
KICK Off 28th November DPhi
Introduction to Machine Learning & its applications 2nd December Chanukya Patnaik (Co-founder, DPhi)
Data Preparation 101 for Machine Learning Model Building 5th December Aarthi Kumar (Lead Data Scientist, Allianz Belgium)
Optimizing Machine Learning Models & Model Evaluation Metrics 10th December Raviraj Dasari (Software Engineer II, Skellam AI)
End to End Machine Learning Model Building 12th December Chanukya Patnaik (Co-founder, DPhi)
Importance of Human Interpretable models & Explainable A.I 15th December Dipanjan Sarkar (Data Science Lead, Applied Materials & Google Developer ML Expert)
Model Deployment 101 19th December Moez Ali (Creator of PyCaret, Business Intelligence and Analytics at PwC Canada)

Note: All the sessions will start at 4:00 pm CET/8:30 pm IST on the respective dates.
The duration of the sessions will be ~1.5 hrs (except for KICK-Off which will be for 30 mins).

Please find the calendar here

If you need it in icat format, find it here.


Could this schedule be shared in the form of a google calendar/ics file if possible?

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sure thing, we will create and share a google calendar link soon.


Hi Chakunya,

Could you please add these to the Dashboard with an option to add them to Google Calendar?

@ashanair @kul.cube please find the calendar here

If you need it in icat format, find it here.


Is this schedule for even the advanced track ?
Thank you guys

@sanaomar yes, it is the same for the advanced track too, just the last 4 sessions are targeted towards them and the assignment’s difficulty level gradient is expected to be high in comparison to the beginner track learners

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Hi, I am currently new to data science and ML, but can I do the beginner track and still attend, do the assignment and project of both the beginner and advanced track?

yes, you can do so. But we will encourage you to follow one track and gradually go through the assignments of the other track.

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Are sessions recorded

is there any submission need to be done for advance bootcamp?

Yes, they are all recorded

The first assignment for Advance track will go live tomorrow (10th December). You can have a look at the schedule here: Schedule for Bootcamp Assignments - Advanced Track