Schedule for Content Release, Live Sessions and Assignments

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Please note down the below schedule for content release, live sessions and assignments for the Getting Started with Data Science Bootcamp.

Module Topics Covered Date
Week 1
Pre work Setting up environment to code first program in python 26/03/2021
Module 1 Python basics, data types & data structures, loops, conditional statements & functions 26/03/2021
Live Session 1 Introduction to Python Fundamentals & Data Science libraries (NumPy and Pandas) 28/03/2021
Module 2 Arrays, Numpy & Pandas and Data Analysis 31/03/2021
Week 2
Module 1 Exploratory Data Analysis & Visualizations 02/04/2021
Recorded Sesion Exploratory Data Analysis & Data Visualizations 02/04/2021
Assignment Quiz on EDA 03/04/2021
Module 2 Data Preparation 101 07/04/2021
Session Data Preparation 101 07/04/2021
Week 3
Module 1 Building Machine Learning Models 09/04/2021
Session Build Machine Learning Models (Classification and Regression Models, Evaluation metrics, and others). 10/04/2021
Final Assignment Datathon 12/04/2021
Module 2 Model Evaluation metrics 13/04/2021
Week 4
Final Assignment Applied Problem Solving

Hi @manish_kc_06, can I know at what time the live sessions will be scheduled and it seems like there is an date error for the first live session. It has been mentioned as 4th month. can you please clarify it ?

Hi @abubakkersiddiq
Thanks for pointing it out. Have corrected that.

You can expect live sessions timing between 18:00 IST and 22:00 IST | 13:30 CET and 17:30 CET.

The first live session will be from 18:00 IST to 19:30 IST | 13:30 CET to 15:00 CET

hello @manish_kc_06 can you please tell when will module 1 get release.The schedule doesn’t have timings mentioned.

Hi Manish,

Is Module 1 scheduled for release later on today? It says 26/03/2021 which is today but can’t find the module.


Hi @swapnilb @etikoms
The module 1 is scheduled for today. It’s live now. please check your dashboard.

Note: You can expect the content to be released by the end of the day on the scheduled date.

hey @manish_kc_06,gone through the modules! what is the assignment for today???

hey @vasim
There are no assignments for today. There are some self practice questions in the study material. Practice them and if you have are stuck reach us in #help channel on slack or at discussion forum.

You will have your first assignment on 03/04/2021. It will be available on your dashboard.

We have a live session on 28th of March at 18:00 IST | 13:30 CET.

I can’t find the module on my dashboard. Please what’s wrong?

Hi @miquist
can you please share screenshot of your dashboard?


Click on ‘Online Bootcamp To Get Started With Data Science’. This will take you to the modules.

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Please where can I download the csv files used in the live sessions?

Can you please point the name of the session?

Introduction to python fundamentals and numpy

Hi @miquist
If you are referring to this notebook: DPhi - Notebooks, there are no datasets used in this notebook.

If you are pointing to the iris dataset, you can import the dataset by running the below code in your jupyter notebook:
data = pd.read_csv(‘’)

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Are we going to have a Live Session today?

Please check your dashboard, we have uploaded a recorded session.

Hi, @manish_kc_06 May I know when the certificates will be issued?

Hi @bsbanashree
We will try to issue the certificate as soon as possible.