Schedule for Content Release, Live Sessions and Assignments | 4 Weeks Deep Learning Online Bootcamp

Hi Everyone! :slight_smile:

Please note down the below schedule for content release, live sessions and assignments for the Deep Learning Bootcamp.

Module Topics Covered Date
Pre-work Data Science Refresher 01/07/2021
Week 1 β€” β€”
Module 1 Introduction to Deep Learning, Neural Network 07/07/2021
Module 2 Neural Network for Regression and Multi-Layer Perceptron 10/07/2021
Assignment Quiz on Tensor Operations 12/07/2021
Week 2 β€” β€”
Module 3 Neural networks for classification problems 14/07/2021
Module 4 Optimizing a Neural Network 17/07/2021
Assignment Quiz on Neural Networks & Multi-Layer Perceptron 19/07/2021
Week 3 β€” β€”
Module 5 Digital Image Processing 21/07/2021
Module 6 Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) 24/07/2021
Final Assignment Datathon 26/07/2021
Week 4 β€” β€”
Module 7 Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) 28/07/2021
Live Session GANs and applications ----

At what time does the boot camp start?

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Hi @sarav2490
The bootcamp has already started. There is some technical issue due to which you are getting 404 error. Dev team is looking into it. It should be fixed soon.

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@manish_kc_06 Hi Manish just wanted to know out of curiosity do we received any participation or completion certificate or a badge for completing this Bootcamp?

Participants who submit valid assignments with minimum scoring criteria of 60% of the total score will be eligible for the certificate. Please note, it is mandatory to submit all the assignments.
For more details check Bootcamp home page


Thankyou for clarification

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Hi @manish_kc_06 ,

Can you please let us the content of the Module 0–Data Science Refresher.

Where can the contents be found for revising the concepts.

Pls help.

@manohar you can find the refresher/pre-requisites content here: Courses | DPhi

Hope it helps, happy learning :slight_smile:

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Pre-requisites For Deep Learning Bootcamp

Todays 7 july live class link …

How do you sign up for this bootcamp? For some reason I could only get to active bootcamps from the discussion page.

use this link @tmahmud

Hi! At the Guideleines it is mentioned that study materials will be uploaded every Friday and Wednesday, but here it is saturdays and wednesdays. Which one is current? thanks

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Hi @esina
thanks for pointing it out. We have updated the guidelines. Content will be released every Saturday and Wednesday.


Hello, did I miss any content yesterday?

No, you can find all content in the Bootcamp dashboard till now.

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No @matovu
All the contents are available on your dashboard. Please go through it. New content will be released tomorrow.

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Hello on saturday 7/10/21 at what time will the live session start?

Hi @areebkhan02
There won’t be any live session today (i.e. 10/07/2021). We will be releasing some study material and a recorded session by industry expert.

Hi everyone. doing week 1 curriculum