Schedule for Content Release and Assignments | Data Science Mini Bootcamp Series

Welcome to the Data Science Mini Bootcamp Series :slight_smile:

Please find the day-wise schedule and detailed curriculum for all the learning tracks below:

Since people across the globe are going to join, we came with the below measure to accommodate everyone.

  • There won’t be any live sessions, instead all the learning content will be put in offline format so that you can learn at your own time.
  • The content will be released at 7:00 PM CET/ 10:30 PM IST as mentioned in the respective learning path schedule.

Make sure to plan out your next few days and set daily learning time accordingly.

Happy Learning!


First of all I would like to thanks for putting all your efforts and time for creating a platform for everyone.

I was going through the curriculum and I just realised that all 4 module has class schedule at the same time same day.
If that’s the case then how a learner is supposed to attend all of the module?

Or it is like we can attend only one module at a time.?


I realised that problem, too.

In my opinion, maybe the date is the module release date, and you can study at any time after it, and the course may not be real-time but video, just a guess.

So you can choose the simplest module or most eager to learn first.

Happy learning for both of us!

Hi @suman4apr

Thank you for the sweet message.

Regarding your doubt, can you please let us know which 4 modules you are referring to? This will help in understanding your doubt better and do the necessary changes if needed.

Hi @yuhang, yes all the learning content is in offline format so that everyone can learn at their own time. We have also tweaked in the announcement to make it clear to understand. Let us know if there is any doubt, happy to address.