Schedule for Bootcamp Assignments - Beginner Track


Date Assignment Constituents Topics
06/12/20 Assignment 1 Quiz Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)
11/12/20 Assignment 2 Datathon + Quiz Model Building and Classification
15/12/20 Assignment 3 Datathon + Quiz + Well-documented Notebook Model Building and Optimization

The date mentioned is the date when assignments will be launched. We’ll let you know about the submission instructions as well as the deadline for each while releasing the respective assignment.


Thanks Gunnika for the heads up!

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Hi Gunnika Where do i find Assignment 1 of 6th Dec, 2020. i couldn’t find on bootcamp page

The assignment 1 page is not available

Hi @amri01
If you are enrolled in the Beginner’s track, you should be able to see the assignment here:

how much is pass marks for quiz?


The assignment is of EDA only or it involves Model preparation as well.

I want to know the last day to answer assignment 1. As I start the bootcamp today . And which videos should i see to answer assignment 1 .

Last date for quiz mentioned 2 different dates.In the schedule it is mentioned as december 11.In assignment december 13.Which one should we consider?@gunnika

How many marks was quiz 1 worth?

can I submit assignment 2 after December 17, 2020 7:30 PM , because these week I have exams in my college.

@sabeehalam @sworup_raj the score will be equivalent to the number of questions asked.

@arunprasadh @mohamedzayton the last date for beginners track assignment was extended to 13th December.

it will be difficult to consider these requests, can you please write to us at [email protected]? @mohamedzayton

I did submit assignment 1 on the beginner track, but now it says I haven’t and asks me to resume the quiz again. Could you please help me out with this?

@ashutosh.high you can simply re-submit again or let it be as your options are already saved.

ok thanks a lot ,sir.

Hello… I received alert notification email for Assignment 2 only and did not receive any notification email for Assignment 1. Ultimately I missed the deadline for Assignment 1. What shall I do now?

Hii.When is the last date to submit datathon2 in beginner track,since it differs from the schedule given above