Schedule for Bootcamp Assignments - Advanced Track

Date Assignment Constituents Topics
10/12/20 Assignment 1 Datathon + Quiz Model Building, Classification and Optimization
15/12/20 Assignment 2 Datathon + Quiz + Well-documented notebook Explainable AI
20/12/20 Assignment 3 Datathon + Deployed application’s link + Code files Model Deployment

The date mentioned is the date when assignments will be launched. We’ll let you know about the submission instructions as well as the deadline for each while releasing the respective assignment.


Can you also provide the link to the youtube session for the Advance Track?

Hi @christomesh
You can find the live session schedule here: Schedule for ML Bootcamp Live Sessions
The sessions for the advanced track will officially begin on 10th December. You can follow DPhi’s Youtube Channel - to stay updated with the sessions.
We also post the session link in the announcements channel on slack on the day of the session.

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Where can we check out overall assignment scores, and the completion status of Bootcamp?

hello. I just finish my assignment 3 on web app deployment.
I don’t know when the end date of assignment is since it’s marked with - per this post is created.

But unfortunately, I can’t submit my assignment since the form of Model Deployment Assignment is no longer accepting responses.

Can you help me with this? Thanks

Hi @bertoliant,
We had announced the deadline on Slack.
I have opened submissions on the form, you can make your submission by today. Please note that we will deduct some marks for late submission.

I see. I already submit it. Thanks

@gunnika i participated in this bootcamp too !!! but i didn’t get any certificate !!! i did submit the deployed link too, can u please have a look into it !!
Thanks in advance !!