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Banknotes are one of the most important assets of a country. Some miscreants introduce fake notes which bear a resemblance to original note to create discrepancies of the money in the financial market. It is difficult for humans to tell true and fake banknotes apart especially because they have a lot of similar features.

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please help me how to solve this assignment .

I am getting 100 % accuracy on the training and test data but when i submit it shows wrong answer.
Can any one guide me !!!

@talal you must make the submission in the prescribed format that is mentioned here:

Hi Team, I’m also facing same issue where when i first submitted it gave some result. Later i did some changes in code and generated new predictions. this time when i submit my results its saying wrong answer. Can you please guide us?

Hi @rs_bhargav , maybe you are sending it as probabilities (0.95, 0.25, 0.69, etc). If that were the case, you must transform it to 0 and 1.I used list comprehension.


I copied the result and uploaded it to the platform.

Hi Dphi,

How I have to upload my assignment 1 Notebook?

@rs_bhargav @talal
Reasons for getting wrong answer: visit this link

Hi @nisrin_dhoondia
We will let you know about it soon.

Thanks @manish_kc_06 got it!!

Hi everyone. I’m trying to solve this problem and my predictions for the test set results in all the values equal 1, are anyone with the same problem? I also have a few doubts about how to properly solve this problem…

Hi @denysm7
You might be doing some wrong. All the predictions shouldn’t be 1.

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