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Is it okay to add more code cells in the final assignmnet because writing code in a single code cell is looking cluttered?

Yes, @pratibha! you can add as many code cells as you want.

While working with the plotly library in colab,the plots for the visualisation task are not showing.
Please help.

Hi @pratibha
Try using'colab') after the plot.
Let us know if that works for you.

How can I download the data set and use it offline?

Hi @dananasuuuuu
You can download the CSV files from here:

Figure is not showing in uploaded notebook in dphi site.

I have uploaded my notebook. But when i review my notebook all the data frames only appear and the figures don’t. Until you download and run it again in the Jupyter notebook. Is it ok? And as i have no prediction files I am not able to click submit button, asking to submit files first. Please guide

How do I upload an csv file for the submission, because I have worked using ipynb file.

I’m facing problems submitting the ipynb file. It’s asking for a csv file. What should I do?

Hi everyone,

Guys I am having problems with how to solve this.

I am consulting unique values in the column data_20_imputed['Your main technology / programming language'].unique() but the results are strings of several words. I would prefer to drop those values (256 values vs 1253 total in the dataset).

My doubt is how could be the best way to filter and drop those values??? I would appreciate any help or guidance on this issue.

Thanks in advance for your valuable help.

Rafael Aguilar

I am unable to submit the notebook for final assignment it says cannot submit the metric. I have converted the file notebook to csv

I think we should click “Notebooks” in the function list to upload notebook( .ipynb), not “Submit.” I haven’t tried it, so I am not sure either.

Am I to make the assignment notebook public or private?
Thank you

Please when i upload my notebook under the assignment it seems i can see it under the all notebooks with other notebooks on the website. Is it supposed to be like this?

Hello. It didn’t work for me. I used plotly express. Thanks.

I have been trying to submit the assignment but it’s not working. It shows as - Submission failed!

Only one evaluation metric supported for now. Help me with this, Thanks.

I made it public. Anyway we cannot see each others Notebooks!

Hi @_chaitanya_barla , I hope you have found a resolution. If not, then click on Notebook Menu and then click +Notebook. Add all the relevant info as per the fields and the reference you would like. Click ‘Next’ and then select ‘Upload file’. Navigate to the location where you have your final submission file and upload it. This should appear in ‘My Notebooks’ tab.

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