Incomplete Chicago Crime Dataset

there is this Quiz- Chicago Crime Detection where i have to do EDA but one key variable (primary_type) is missing from the dataset. please tell me if i can use same dataset from other site or you’ll be providing me the same.
thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Hi @himanshiag
Could you please share the link to this quiz? → this link will direct you to the google collab notebook.

There is no variable named - ‘primary_type’ in this dataset. I don’t see any question that is asking with you about the ‘primary_type’ vairable. Could you explain why are you looking for this variable?

Question 2: In which month did the lowest motor vehicle thefts occur?

i don’t find any variable which tells us the type of crime that has been attempted. so, i google another Chicago_crimes_dataset ( Chicago Crime | Kaggle ) and found this variable named “PRIMARY_TYPE” which contains the data for motor vehicle theft.
Please help me out if there is any other way to solve this question in case i am wrong. Thank you.

The dataset represent only one crime @himanshiag i.e. motor vehicle theft. The dataset that you are looking is completely different data than what we have given for this quiz.

Sorry for the inconvenience and THANK YOU :slight_smile: