I cannot access the quiz

Hi, I am taking part in the advanced track of data science bootcamp. Although I did not submit my quiz yet, I am seeing a score and I cannot access the questions. Deadline seems today at 20:30 so I was planning to complete it today.Hope someone can help me with the issue,
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I am facing the same issue, please let us know how we can move forward with the quiz.

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@semanurkps , I also faced the similar issue but it was solved by DPhi support team. You can write a mail to " support@dphi.tech " about your issue with screenshot. I think this may help you.


I have already mailed them, hopefully, the issue will be resolved in time.

@lumiere73 @sivaprasadtenkala yes I did the same too, thanks for the suggestion. Let’s see if we can make it till the deadline :sweat_smile:

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Hello Everyone, we fixed this, could you please check now and submit? Thanks

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i cannot access the quiz as it says ended.please increase the due date at least by 21st december for quiz2 in beginner bootcamp

Thanks sir, I was able to submit it. However now I am facing a different issue with dataton prediction submission. Status shows up as “Internal Error”. Are there any ways I can solve this or is the issue related to the system itself?