How do we build a portfolio?

How do we build a portfolio? Heard that this is vital in Job search. new to programming/Data science. Appreciate some help.


Start contributing and giving back to the community.

How to do it? Write article, publish notebook
Where? You write it on medium, kaggle and share them on your social media channels like Linkedin, FB etc
How will it help? It will help you learn significantly and you will also be able to build a good network within the DS community.

I would strongly recommend to do this out of passion without any expectations. Rest, the results will follow on their own.Also, you are already doing great, saw your notebook. Just need to build things from here on with consistency.


Start uploading whatever you code on GitHub and constantly work on improving those projects.

Build your personal website showcasing your GitHub repos and writing a blog on it. This would certainly have a very good impression on whoever comes across this.

These are two ways to build a portfolio apart from blogging on medium/linkedin.