Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) - 4 Week Online Deep Learning Bootcamp

Q: What is Deep Learning Online Bootcamp?

A: The Deep Learning Online Bootcamp is an initiative by DPhi to help aspiring Data Scientists learn and apply concepts of Deep Learning in real-life. During the bootcamp, experts from industry & academia will take sessions on the different aspects of Deep Learning; they will also discuss how to approach a Deep Learning Problem and illustrate the same by solving some interesting Data Science problems.

Also, since it’s a community effort, it is free for everyone to join! :slightly_smiling_face:

Q: When does the bootcamp start?

A: The bootcamp commences on 7th July 2021.

Q: What are the different topics of Data Science that will be covered during the bootcamp?

A: Detailed curriculum can be downloaded on the below links:

What is the format of the bootcamp? What can we expect?

A: The format is as below:

  • Day wise modules: there will be day-wise modules which are for offline reading/learning and practice
  • Recorded / Live sessions: there will 4-5 recorded sessions and 1 live session from industry experts.
  • Real-time communication and mentoring by coaches: We have a nice community of coaches who mentor our learners and respond to all the queries almost instantly on our Slack workspace.
  • Assignments/quizzes: Practice is an integral part of learning and you will be given 2-3 mandatory quizzes/assignments.
  • Community learning: In nutshell, we promote community learning (where the entire community learn together and fail together, share knowledge etc).

Q: What is a DPhi Bootcamps Platform?

A: !! Note: We are yet to provide access to this, you will soon hear from us. In order to provide a smooth learning experience, we will be using DPhi Bootcamps platform to put day-wise modules/quizzes and assignments at one place. You can download your daily & weekly assignments, complete them, and submit them on the platform itself. There will also be a leaderboard tracker that would make it fun and interesting for all the learners. It will gamify your entire learning progress/journey, so make most of it and have fun!

The platform will primarily help you with the required information and learning resources throughout the bootcamp.

Q: Where can I find the daily & weekly assignments & where do I need to submit them?

A: You can find the daily & weekly assignment on DPhi Bootcamp platform & you need to complete the assignments & submit them on the DPhi platform itself. The bootcamp platform will be made accessible to everyone by 7th July.

Q: How to login to Slack workspace & why do we need to use it?

A: It’s a simple 2-step process –

  1. Please follow this login link: here.
  2. Enter your email and password so that you could login.

In case, if you forgot your password, click on forgot password and follow the steps.

Also, it’s important to be on Slack because –

  • you will be part of a learning group on slack
  • you will be able to discuss your queries & doubts in the learning group with your coach
  • you will receive updates about the bootcamp on Slack.

Q: What is criteria for Bootcamp Completion & Merit Certificates?

A: You will get a certificate only if you finish the course with certain criteria.

Completion certificate criteria:

  • You must complete the mandatory assignment & quizzes. Pass criteria will be 60% of the total score attempted by the learner.

Note: All the quizzes/assignments are mandatory to attempt in order to be eligible to get a certificate.