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Not able to get the answer for this , I am a begineer , please let me know the solution

Hi Vaishnavi,

Welcome to the community :slight_smile:

Please make use of the below functions to solve this question:

  • pd.to_datetime()
  • pd.DatetimeIndex()
  • .quantile()

Let me know if you still face issue in solving the problem.

How to proceed next??

You cannot use quantile directly on the datetimeindex object.

Convert the column to datetimeindex and then use quantile on that column.

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Yeah got it , thanks for the help

1st qt i could solve , 2,3 i have done , but not sure , others i am finding it difficult

Hi @vaishnavip
Can you please share the approach that you have tried to solve these problems?

Cool. Got it.
Please go through the material provided at the top in the notebook.
And, go through this tutorial too: DPhi - Notebooks. This notebook will help you know how to deal with datetime columns and different operations related to it.

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