Difference between Matplotlib and Seaborn libraries

while explaining about plotting data analysis,
histograms and scattering are represented using Matplotlib
whereas boxplot has represented using seaborn.

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Seaborn uses fewer syntax and has stunning default themes and Matplotlib is more easily customizable through accessing the classes. as you can see the below syntax of both. The flexibility that we get from seaborn is way better that’s why people prefer seaborn more.

seaborn.boxplot(x=None, y=None, hue=None, data=None, order=None, hue_order=None, orient=None, color=None, palette=None, saturation=0.75, width=0.8, dodge=True, fliersize=5, linewidth=None, whis=1.5, notch=False, ax=None, **kwargs)

x = feature of dataset
y = feature of dataset
hue = feature of dataset
data = datafram or full dataset
color = color name

matplotlib.pyplot.boxplot(data, notch=None, vert=None, patch_artist=None, widths=None)

if you want I can share colab with both of the libraries just ping me here or in slack channel username: hpnightowl

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I am very happy of quick response and please show colab


here is there difference in visual you can try yourself by changing the parameters of both as per first post (like color, notch etc). I have taken the liver patient data for visualization of Total Protein.

Google Colab click here

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