Datathon Topic for bulding the model

Which model we have to built for datathon, is it the classification model or regression model?

Kindly help me out with the model name.

Hey @rizwan

I believe we do not have any restriction for using any algorithms. So feel free to use anything in the datathon!

Hope it helps!


Thanks for your response.
But I need to know, whether we have to use the classification technique or regression technique?

If I use regression, then which model to choose, multiple regression or logistic regression?


As I mentioned earlier, there is no such rule / process that we have for choosing a model. If you ask me, I’ll experiment different models with my interest of choice and submit the best prediction one.

Happy Learning!

Thanks for your quick response.

Can I use the regression model for prediction?
Actually, I am new to this so very confused about which model to use regression or classification model.