Data Munging Meaning

Can some give idea for this kaggle assignment i dont understand use of 4 datasets and hoe to process before analysis ,Thanking u.
I need to know overall analysis what the dataset is about,pls.Thanking u.

Hi @vishva.d
I would suggest to get an overview of these datasets differently, if they are making any sense to merge those data together, then do merging and then perform the analysis. Sometimes different aspects of data are given in different files. If you remember the patient_data of assignment 3 of the Bootcamp, there were three different files related to patient information and we had combined all those datasets. This kaggle dataset will help you improve your data cleaning and munging thing. Note that if those datasets are given, there must be some necessary information hidden in it.

Now coming to the meaning of Data Munging:
Data munging is a set of concepts and a methodology for taking data from unusable and erroneous forms to the new levels of structure and quality required by modern analytics processes and consumers. Also called Data Wrangling.