Course Format & Curriculum For Getting Started With Data Science Bootcamp

The Course Format of the Bootcamp:

  • Learning modules: We will release two learning modules per week (Wednesday & Friday) which are for offline reading/learning and practice
  • Live sessions: there will 3 live sessions & 2 recorded sessions from industry experts. You can ask questions on live chat and they will be addressed on chat or live by the speaker. To get an overview on how our live sessions work, head over to our previous bootcamp playlist:
  • Real-time communication and mentoring by coaches: We have a nice community of coaches who mentor our learners and respond to all the queries almost instantly on our Slack workspace.
  • Assignments/quizzes: Practice is an integral part of learning and you will be given 2 mandatory quizzes/assignments (one is the final project)
  • Community learning: In nutshell, we promote community learning (where the entire community learn together and fail together, share knowledge etc).


Detailed curriculum can be downloaded on the below links: