Context about grading and certification

  • Assignment 2 grading: A document has been put up on the feedback comments on how we went about grading.
  • Assignment 2 total score calculation: It is a combination of prediction scores that you achieved on the leaderboard and the score you obtained on the notebook submission review. We gave 30% weightage to prediction scores and 70% weightage to the notebook submissions i.e the scores for notebook submissions were scaled down to 70 and predictions were scaled down to 30 marks respectively.
  • Who received an excellence certificate? - among the top 15% of those who completed all the tasks and have a score >144 (i.e 85%)
  • Adding a remark doesn’t mean the points were deducted, it could just be a suggestion.
  • An additional bonus marks were given to those who had gone out of their way to build something beyond what was expected.
  • For assignment 1: If you didn’t submit your predictions on the platform then you would see automated feedback: “Learner didn’t submit predictions on the datathon page”. Although this is not the case with assignment 2.