Census Income Data

Details about the Datathon and data will be put up at 5:30 PM CET, 7th Aug.

I think its for United States of America


you got it completely right :blush:

what are the reasons for wrong answer?

Hi @indhu_priya
Some of the possible reasons for getting wrong answer are:

  1. If you remove any part of the code from the editor at the platform, you will get wrong answer. The solution for this is don’t remove any part of the code from the editor, just paste your predictions in [ ].
  2. If the number of predictions that you are submitting is even one less or even one more than the number of observations/records in the evaluation dataset, you will get wrong answer.
  3. The prediction should be numeric but you are submitting strings/object and vice-versa, you will get wrong answer.
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Thank you :slight_smile:

Hello All,

I am unable to submit my results. With a network issue I have Mistakenly submitted empty list, it gave me wrong. Tried re-submission, Not sure it took as the date and time of submission didn’t change.
I want to know if my predictions are correct or atleast to what scale are they. I have got an accuracy F1 score of 92.4% for test data.
Can someone share me the way everything has been done? or results?
I have followed the below steps:

  1. Cleaning up the data and filling null values.
  2. Standardizing the continuous variables,.One-hot encoding categorical variables.
  3. I didn’t see much correlation in continuous variables so i didn’t perform PCA on scaled continuous variables.
  4. Applied the model Adaboost classifier.
  5. Got an F-score as 92%.

Did I go wrong somewhere. Is there still anything I can do?
Can anyone help me with this please.

Thanks for reading, I appreciate your help if any!

Hi @siddhartha_ireddy
You can evaluate your model here: https://dphi.tech/practice/challenge/22

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This is what i could see after submission. Is there any way if I could see the accuracy of my prediction?

Technically it should be displayed there. What are you seeing in the leaderboard?
Below are your submission info that I can see:

I couldn’t see any, is there any other way i can work on it.

Are you not able to see images?