Can we see where me made mistakes in answering the test questions?

I have given my first test on “Tensor Operations” and see that I have made some mistakes. Can I see which questions were correctly answered and which were not?

Hi @pbkulkarni
This is a kind of assessment. You cannot see incorrect marked questions or any solution of the questions here. However, for the final assignment i.e. datathon, you can see your score and make multiple submission to it in order to improve your score.

@manish_kc_06 Thanks for the reply. It would have been good to know where I lost marks and correct the understanding of the subject accordingly. But nonetheless, not everything will be taught in the boot camp and I will have to explore it after the camp ends too. So I’ll build the understanding then :slight_smile: Thanks

We will see if we can do anything for this. Thanks for pointing it out.