All of my reviewers couldn't find my final assignment

I get feedback from all of my reviewers that they are getting “Error 404 Notebook was not found” on my final project, even though I have uploaded my assignment here: My Final Assignment Link.
I uploaded it on April 20, 2021 (23 days ago).

Hi @risqi-r
The reason for this can be you might have uploaded your notebook as private.

We had clearly mentioned on the challenge page in the ‘Data’ section to upload the notebooks as public.

Please fill the form provided in the email that you received. We will look into it.

Hi @manish_kc_06, thank you for the response.

At first, I also thought it was because my notebook were private but I checked my notebook again without log in and I could see my notebook.

Do you mean this form??
I have filled it. Then, what should I do next?

Hope you have explained your queries well.

We will let you know soon.

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