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Since the requirement states

this is the order of the predictions for each image that is to be submitted on the platform. Make sure the predictions you download are with their image’s filename in the same order as given in this file. Unfortunately it gives the following error .

Submission failed!
Prediction file is expected to the following columns in its header: [‘prediction’]. Currently it is: [‘filename’, ‘target’]. Rename it and submit again!

And when I choose only 1 column as prediction then it gives me a score of 0

Would you kindly look into the matter at the earliest. Your prompt response is solicited and would be highly appreciated.

Resolved. Sorry for the inconvenience. My bad!!!

No problem, seems the prediction file header given in the testing dataset could be misleading. So we changed it back to ‘target’ instead of ‘prediction’. Please keep the header name as ‘target’ when you make the submission next time. Thanks!

I have done it correctly but my score is showing as 0.
Can anyone help me with this?

This is my header name.

Hi @ravellaabhinav. I think that you should replace the number with their labels in the target column.

it’s a label only. As stated in the submission rules I have kept the name as target

Yeah, you should keep the column name as target. But its values, the images labels should be string and not numbers. For example if you’ve encoded the labels like this: {‘elefante_train’: 0,
‘farfalla_train’: 1,
‘mucca_train’: 2,
‘pecora_train’: 3,
‘scoiattolo_train’: 4},
then in your target column above, instead of having 4, you should have scoiattolo, instead of 1 in the second row, farfalla, and so on…