About the Data Analysis & Visualization 101

This discussion forum is for Data Analysis & Visualization 101 Online Bootcamp.

The Data Analysis & Visualization 101 Online Bootcamp is an initiative by DPhi to help aspiring Data Scientists & Data Analysts learn and apply concepts of Data Analytics & Visualizations. During the bootcamp, learners will be provided with per day learning materials on the aspects of Data Analytics & Visualization techniques with some recorded sessions by experts from industry & academia and a live session on Data Visualizations using Plotly. Also, since it’s a community effort, it is free for everyone to join! :slightly_smiling_face:

Through this forum you can get help, ask questions, help others, etc. while you do this, we request you to be civil!

I can not upload my challenge notebook.

I have not submitted my assignments , I do not know, how to submit it kindly guide it how prepare my assignments, thanks sir