5 week data science bootcamp

when will the 5 week data science bootcamp be again open as it closed before the extended date august 20th?

Yes please we need to solve some of the problems.Even retrived Older Emails for the links.
The resources section in the 5 week Boot camp was very helpful and hence required please.

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Hi @manohar @swathi_krishna
For quizzes We have extended the deadline till 26th august 2020. For the final assignment (i.e. assignment 3) submit your prediction on our practice platform till 26th august 2020:

hi @manish_kc_06, from where we can access the learning material of the Data Science Bootcamp (for quizes and all) ? As learn.dphi.tech routes us to dphi.tech

Hi @pushpneetsingh
Here you can find data science Bootcamp’s day-wise learning material https://dphi.tech/blog/getting-started-with-data-science-dphi-bootcamp/

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Thanks @manish_kc_06 :grinning:

Will we recieve certificate after completing?

Where can we submit the quizzes ?

On your deep learning bootcamp dashboard go to ‘my courses’ tab on top, select the ‘data science bootcamp’ course, now you can access all the contents and quizzes except assignment 3

Yes the deadline for submitting all the assignments and quizzes is 26th August 2020

when my course is selected only deep learning bootcamp is shown

That means you were not enrolled for data science bootcamp.

i was attending the extended bootcamp and completed the course except my last assignment

it was closed on 17th or 18th of august though the last date to complete the course was 20th of august. When enquired about the same i was informed that it was closed due to some maintenance and we will be provided with adequate time extension to compensate for those two days.

When you go to dashboard, you should be able to see all the courses you are enrolled for as shown below:

this was shown till the site went maintenance after which only deep learning bootcamp is shown

was taking this self paced course and i had the course available in dashboard till 18th of august (before the site went for maintenance) but right now i canonly access deep learning bootcamp

Hi @swathi_krishna
Our apology for the inconvenience caused. The content will be available soon and you will be given proper time duration to complete the quizzes and assignments. Don’t worry! Our team is working on it.